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  1. We’re Really Doing It!


    January 16, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    This time last month I was preparing to travel to New Hampshire to bring Connor home for his first visit …
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  2. Quite by Accident…I Found Myself


    March 13, 2013 by Angel Pricer

    Quite by accident, or so it seemed, my browser loaded Walt Whitman’s Song of My Self, tucked away behind a …
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  3. Valentines and Vows


    February 14, 2013 by Angel Pricer


    I admit it. I’m taking advantage of you. It is Valentine’s Day, after all, and you’re probably expecting to see …
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  4. Waffling Between Wor(l)ds

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    January 9, 2013 by Angel Pricer

    Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve found myself a-waffling between two equally appealing options, finding it difficult to choose between …
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