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  1. Creating a Culture of Dependence


    May 19, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    “She’s lazy.” “He’s Selfish.” “She’s only doing that for attention.” These are words coworkers have used to describe the individuals …
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  2. Form Follows Function


    April 1, 2014 by Angel Pricer

      I was present.  Bright colors on crisp pages, grasped and shared by small, expressive hands.  The delicate murmur of …
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  3. Mindfulness Before Medication


    March 27, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    Last week a co-worker told me her daughter recently started a trial of antidepressant medication. At school they say she …
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  4. Rise Up, Be the Voice

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    November 25, 2013 by Angel Pricer

    On Friday, I spoke about my vision of Love in Education to a small group of individuals committed to the …
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  5. Special Education…or Love in Education?


    November 6, 2013 by Angel Pricer

    Moving mental mountains in silence has been my way through most of my life.  It’s not that I never talked …
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