What is The Creator’s Academy & Who Is Angel?


The Creator’s Academy is a developing private school pursuing licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to provide a mindfulness based, experiential learning environment for children ages 5-12 identified with emotional support needs that are not met in the traditional academic setting.

Our program focuses on a three-fold approach to developing the self-awareness, regulation and esteem that promotes a healthy relationship with self, others and the world as a whole by creating:

  • A healing space where the behaviors and patterns adopted in the academic achievement motivated setting are recognized and allowed to transform as the child and adults get to know one another in a safe, nurturing environment. Becoming aware of the child’s interests and abilities, adults are able to guide the child into a healthier self-motivated learning experience.
  • A mindfulness in education approach, where each adult is supported in recognizing the interpersonal dynamics at play in the relationships between teachers, administrators, students and parents. Parents and care-givers are an integral part of the success of the child and our PAL’s (Present/Aware/Loving) program provides a community of support that does not exist in the traditional educational setting.
  • Experiential learning opportunities have the potential to transform the inattentive, disruptive students of the classroom into creators with lots of ideas and the energy to try them out. In a safe, supportive environment, children are able to communicate their interests and given the opportunity to pursue them with the adults and resources needed to facilitate a well-rounded, life-long love of learning.

By meeting children where they are and focusing on what they can do, The Creator’s Academy moves from a mindset of disability to tapping a child’s natural potential in a responsible community setting.

Angel’s desire to create an education opportunity to meet the needs of the experiential learner is born from over fifteen years of advocating for her own children. Her oldest child struggled to learn in public school, the middle child has faced many challenges in private, public, cyber, homeschool, unschool, full-time emotional support and special-needs boarding school settings, and the youngest enjoys life as a private school student.

Prior to dedicating her life to family and education, Angel studied Psychology and English at HACC, managed a psychiatric and psychological private practice and failed miserably at fitting into many administrative jobs. Like the children she supports, Angel thrives in an environment where her problem solving, relationship building and leadership skills are welcome and valued.

When not actively engaged in work, Angel lives an inspired life by being present with her family, writing, reading, drawing, gardening, hiking, and whatever else may strike her fancy. She infuses her own evolving mindfulness practice into all aspects of her life and shares some of her observations on this blog.

The words below reflect the focus of Writing Real Life as of August 19, 2012.  I considered  just replacing them with my latest update, but then I reconsidered.  It’s part of my real life, after all, and serves as a monument of where I’ve been.  As a dynamic, creator being in motion I embrace all of my parts.

Writing Real Life is born of my desire to get real and get writing.  While I’ve been writing most of my life, lately there has been this urgent sense to write my ‘realness’ in a way that others might be interested in reading.  That is intimidating.

When I look at other authors’ blogs and read biographies of writers I admire I cannot help but ask myself:  “what the hell are you thinking?!”  Yet, I feel a push from deep inside, welling up through fibers of pain that screams “Write…or die flailing.”  And since thrashing in the throes of pain is not a place I like to live, let alone care to die in, I’ve agreed to commit myself to yet another blog.

How will this one be different from the others I’ve started and left withering in the vast expanse of nothingness?  I really don’t know.  What I do know is that I am committing myself to this one with a fervor that may not have been present with my other endeavors.  It feels like this is a place that encompasses all of my parts ~ my WHOLEself ~ where the others were trial runs sharing but guarded bits and pieces.

I envision this blog as a launch pad for the The Feeling Game, a narrative nonfiction book I am currently writing.  This is the place I will go to record the feelings and experiences that surface as a result of fully engaging in this writing process, practice my craft, and connect with other writers, readers and fellow-feeling beings.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the show!

Header Art Attribution:
Greg Hayter

4 thoughts on “What is The Creator’s Academy & Who Is Angel?

  1. supersharpjj says:

    Fantastic! I just saw Connor in the hallway. He had the biggest smile as I said hello. Jxoxo

    • Angel Pricer says:

      And now I have the biggest smile as I think of you both! His smile has a way of lighting things up, that’s for sure :). I’m so glad you’re there, and look forward to hearing all about your trip! xoxo

  2. Andrea D'Asaro says:

    Angel, I appreciate your work in this evolving area. You are on the cutting edge, as new research evolves on the importance of mindfulness as a potent approach to solving attentional concerns.

    • Angel Pricer says:

      Your support means a lot to me, Andrea. Thank you. Being on the cutting edge of an evolving arena can be incredibly lonely and frustrating at times. I am so grateful to have found a community of individuals who are as committed to this work as I am.

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