Leftovers for Breakfast


May 7, 2016 by Angel Pricer

2014-12-28 13.21.51

Dad & 2 month old Bailey

My dad used to eat soup for breakfast.  Sometimes from a can, and sometimes leftovers of his amazing Chicken Corn or Beef Macaroni soups.

Thanks Dad, for teaching me it’s OK to be unconventional at breakfast.  With AIP, that’s a LIFESAVER!

Making this recipe reminded me of the gigantic pots of comfort food dad used to make before cancer and its treatment took him last September.

And today I really needed that comfort.

My youngest had a blast at the Fun Run fundraising event for his school.  I used to enjoy school events; connecting with other parents and being active with my kids.  And just a little over a year ago when we first got our Beautiful Bailey, I could still walk most of the three-mile loop at Wildwood without my feet being on fire and having to recover for two days.

Today, I didn’t bring Bailey.

Bailey 1

Bailey age 17 months (photo Courtesy of Liz Delaney)

I *tried* to look better than I feel and the little bit of necessary walking I did do left me in bed for two straight hours after I got home.

My Hashimoto’s is not well-managed right now.  And it’s wreaking havoc on every area of my life.  On Monday I sent the letter from this site to my Endocrinologist checking off all my symptoms and asking her to reassess my medication and dosage.

My hair is falling out, my bones hurt and I can’t do anything even minimally taxing without having to take a nap.  And I haven’t heard a word from her.

Clearly, my wellbeing is in my own hands.

My mantra now is “do I feed my disease or my wellbeing?”  (thanks Laurel Boren for the inspiration!)

It’s comforting to know there is such a vast & supportive Auto Immune community.  It’s also a comfort to know I have a great stock of leftovers…for breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Leftovers for Breakfast

  1. Thank you for allowing me to follow and benefit from your journey!

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