Inspired But Tired


May 3, 2016 by Angel Pricer

Breakfast Brew

The more I read, the more I am motivated to follow the Auto Immune Protocol.

But I am also extremely exhausted, experiencing a fibromyalgia (or Hashimoto’s…or both?) flare AND PMS.

I also have all of my normal mom & household responsibilities.

AND…I’m weaning off of caffeine :0

The photo above represents my first attempt at Sarah Ballantyne’s Breakfast Brew, a recipe I found in this book.  It’s an *interesting* brew.  I admit I hated the smell when it was done, though the taste isn’t so bad – especially with a dollop of coconut milk!

I don’t have my AIP approved-no-guar-gum-or-any-other-thickener coconut milk yet (good thing I’m EASING into AIP), though Super Hero Husband added a case of this to our subscribe and save.  And we really did save – about $5 less than if we’d made a single purchase.

Sourcing AIP approved foods can be challenging for some things…like white sweet potatoes!  Though I did find the oriental purple skinned white flesh potatoes are available at The Healthy Grocer – which is great because I see they are used in baked goods…like this one I can’t wait to try!

So far, I’ve stocked the freezer with 3 pounds of grilled chicken breast and 9 of these cute little Meat Muffins ;-0).

And right now…I’m too tired to stock anything else.  In fact, I’ll just be satisfied if I can get through the day as Paleo-ish as possible.

I know I’m not the only one who FEELS AWFUL while trying to implement this (hopefully) life-restoring change.  I’d love to hear from those further along in their AIP journey, as well as my fellow struggling Auto Immune Warrior brothers and sisters.



4 thoughts on “Inspired But Tired

  1. Lana Ryder says:

    Sending lots of love! ✨💖✨

  2. Jeana says:

    Getting off caffeine is tough! That can cause some very real withdrawal.
    It’s taken me this past year to even get to the point where AIP sounded at all possible. I’m definitely having to ease into it.

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