Easing into AIP


April 30, 2016 by Angel Pricer


“Exposed” by Angel Pricer

On Wednesday I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

It wasn’t a shock.

Every woman in my family, from my 21 year old daughter to my 90 year old grandmother is being treated for hypothyroidism.  Mine was discovered in my mid twenties.

The nurse that called from my Endocrinolgist’s office informed me that, judging my antibody levels, it’s likely that this autoimmune disease as been active for quite some time.  The antibodies are “aggressively attacking” my thyroid, but because my T3 & T4 levels are “well replaced,” they will not be making any adjustments to my Armour Thyroid.

But I still feel AWFUL,” I told her.  “I understand.  But there’s nothing more we can do for you.  You just have to wait for it to go into remission, which it usually does.”


My Super Hero Husband and I have been leading a Paleo-ish life since Valentine’s Day.  Die hard followers would likely scoff at our continued consumption of 2-3 (or more) cold-brewed nectar of the Gods coffee and our evening glass of wine or carefully crafted cocktail.

While we’ve both noticed an improvement in digestion sans gluten and dairy, there are still more adjustments to be made.

Enter my new virtual best friend , Sarah Ballantyne.  I stumbled upon The Paleo Mom in my quest to cure myself because, let’s face it…conventional medicine can only take us so far.  And she’s a doctor, she should know ;-0).

Now, I’ve tried eliminating certain foods/substances in the past in the hopes of easing the pain and fatigue that fibromyalgia has dealt me since Y2k (something definitely shifted in those times!), with only minimal and unsustainable success.

But the Auto Immune Protocol is different.  It’s a REAL PLAN, with directions and everything!

Super Hero Husband (who always has my back!) agreed that investing in this AMAZING reference book and the sister cookbook would be worthy of breaking our closely monitored YNAB account.  He did not, however, agree to ingesting copious amounts of offal…yet ;-0).

The thing is…living AIP is DAUNTING – even with these treasured books.  And we simply aren’t in the position to take advantage of awesome programs like this.  Yet, anyway.

It requires a lot of planning and cooking.  I like those things.  But my energy level and ability to concentrate drastically deteriorates around noon, so this is going to be a slowly integrated process.

PLUS, it is super-important to my mental well-being and overall happiness, that I devote at least a few hours each week to playing with acrylics.  (so THAT’s what the title photo is all about!)

So I’ve decided that while I wean myself off of my beloved brew that Super Hero Husband just purchased in the economical 5 lb. bag, I will ease into AIP by selecting the easiest and recipes I can find and batch cooking up a storm.   

I also decided I want to share this journey with YOU!

It’s been a while since my last post, and the content is changing.  But hey…that’s (real) life now, isn’t it ;-).

Thanks for being here.  And if you’re on the AIP path too, please do comment below so we can make it a joint effort.



6 thoughts on “Easing into AIP

  1. Christie Young says:

    Blessings to you, friend. I wish you only the best!

  2. Lana Ryder says:

    Well, heavens, little sister!! Life is so filled with changes and challenges. I wish you all the best on this latest one ❤️

  3. Jeana says:

    Going to be trying AIP soon too! I wish you luck!

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