Sing Your Own Song

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May 21, 2014 by Angel Pricer

“Music is, to me, proof of the existence of God. It is so extraordinarily full of magic, and in tough times of my life I can listen to music and it makes such a difference.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut

Music has been a guiding light my whole life. I first discovered the transformative presence of Sarah McLachlan’s voice and lyrics at The Record Outlet in Lemoyne in 1993, just two years before I became a mother for the first time. There at the checkout counter was this basket of free cassette singles by a singer I’d never heard of…the operative word being FREE.

My best friend started up her white Eagle Summit and I popped the cassette in, not knowing how profoundly we were both about to be affected by the vibrations that travelled through the speakers. Then, as now, her words cut to the core of my life experience.

Speaking of hope and change in world so separated by fear and ignorance can be frustrating and lonely. I do it anyway. Sometimes, it’s exhausting and I start to give up hope.

Image created by Lexy

Image created by Lexy

My husband has always been my most avid supporter and part of that role entails playing the devil’s advocate. He’s a natural at it, but it’s a role whose value I’ve had to work HARD to appreciate.  He skillfully portrays the worst case scenario, in his own witty way, so that I may contemplate the starkly contrasted realities of what ‘is’ and what I am creating from the safety of our living room couch.

Last night he nearly squashed my dreams with the vivid visual of me and one tiny bus full of ALL OF THE worst behaved kids we’ve ever encountered. Oh God…what was I THINKING?!?!

school busBut then I remembered; that’s the ‘limited view’ of these children. It takes a unified shift in perspective to see what is truly possible in education. Stand in my shoes for a minute…experience the love and support that exists for all.

He says this is a calling even bigger than the one that created the company I currently work for. And though he’s afraid for me, he also believes that I am a strong, capable, loving woman. And when I forget, he’s there to enfold me in his strong, capable, loving arms.

I am aware that my ideas for The Creator’s Academy are on the cutting edge of what’s possible in education, and not just here in South Central Pennsylvania. But with yesterday’s overturn of the ban on same-sex marriage, I am uplifted by the courage of those who surround me, living their truth. We are not alone.

So, go ahead…sing your own song!

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