January 30, 2014 by Angel Pricer

spiral mandala in progressI was working on this creation when my husband left for work this morning.  He noticed it had been a while since he saw me drawing and joked that I had already tired of the Zentangle book he got me for Christmas.

“Far from it!” I said, “I just haven’t had the time to do it.”  Oh.  I paused.  What did I just say?

Liam is home sick today.  This is the THIRD week in a ROW that he has been home with tummy troubles on one of my days off work.  Days I am supposed to be ‘getting stuff done.’  Important stuff, like writing the vision, mission and plan for The Creator’s Academy and creating the PAL’s (Present, Attentive, Loving) curriculum.  Both of these ideas have garnered much enthusiasm and support when I speak about them, yet I haven’t quite managed to perfect them on paper.

I hugged my muscly man as he prepared to head into the office, wishing he could stay home with me.  He said he’d like that too, and feels that desire all the more when I am “present” in his arms.  “You mean present as in ‘really here with you’ and not just ‘in the house’?” I asked.  “Yes,” he said with one last squeeze before he and his gym bag disappeared down the stairs.  I love that man!

After spending some time on the couch with Liam and getting a nice hot bath, I realized something big.  Simple, but big.

I haven’t been drawing much lately.  My writing projects are sitting in my computer with various titles and levels of (in)completion.  And I’ve been feeling stuck.

I’m not stuck; I just have to let it be simple.  I am going to draw some more today, cuddle the peanut-butter faced little blonde boy beside me, and take note of the simple direction my ideas are taking.  It will all be written, in time.

2 thoughts on “Simple

  1. jeanne haase says:

    Very good view here! You and me both, have creative stuff waiting to be “done”—-guess you’re right tho, it’s sort of in the process that it unfolds and the joy of it is experienced. Otherwise it becomes like any other item on our to-do list!

    Thanks for this, Angel

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