The Right to Choose


January 27, 2014 by Angel Pricer

In the interest of National School Choice week, and the absence of a local school that best supports my child, I choose to create one that does.

Right now, our family has the opportunity to learn and grow with The Hunter School; one that offers many rewards and gives me a sense of responsibility to keep the momentum moving forward for all children.

In the coming weeks, I plan to clarify the vision for The Creator’s Academy, a public school that meets children where they are, views them as whole and complete, and empowers them to create a successful life.

This concept moves beyond identification with a diagnosis, building on strengths first as opposed to fixing problems before pursuing other interests, because most kids who carry multiple mental health diagnoses aren’t going to create a brighter tomorrow if we don’t make some drastic changes today.

There are many people who resonate with this idea and believe it is possible. Thank you! There are many who like the idea but feel it’s too radical a move to be accepted in our current education climate. Thank you! In order for this movement to be a success, it must be built on active collaboration, which means openly discussing different points of view.

It is my hope that sharing the progress of this project here will invite a mindful dialogue between those who believe our children deserve a chance to be seen as, and empowered to become, who they truly are.

One thought on “The Right to Choose

  1. […] she said “What’s going to happen to him? He probably won’t get to go to The Hunter School and The Creator’s Academy isn’t here yet.” Sounds like a budding catalyst to me. I hope we’re ready to meet him in his […]

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