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January 17, 2014 by Angel Pricer

Today at 4:20 EST I will make an appearance on The Thom Hartmann Program in support of the annual fundraising drive for The Hunter School.  As regular readers know, my son has been a student at The Hunter School since November 1st, 2013 and prior to that, had several very difficult years trying to fit into local public and private school settings with detrimental results.

I invite you to tune into Thom’s program today and if your heart moves you, consider making a donation so they can continue to Plant the Seeds of Sustainability for the children at The Hunter School, and grow a model that can be implemented in other areas of the country.

Stay tuned to my blog, as I reveal my strategy for creating a similar school in the Harrisburg, PA area.

Planned Giving
Wy not include The Hunter School in your estate planning – whether through a Charitable Remainder Trust, Endowed Gift, or other vehicle.
For more information on Planned Giving contact Judy Julin at
The Hunter School
P.O. Box 600
Rumney, New Hampshire  03266
Telephone:  (603) 786-9427
Fax:  (603) 786-2221
Pictured above is Hunter School graduate Zach, now enrolled in the 8th grade at a  public  middle school in New Hampshire. GWENNetwork and CosmiKids TV have asked Zach to be their east coast “Mindful Correspondent” hosting unscripted video segments showcasing his thoughts on Hunter School best practices, Energetic Mindfulness™, EcoJustice and the world order.   Zach will also feature interviews with other exceptional youth.
GWENNetwork TV launches in February 2014.

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