Independent Holiday Spirit


December 14, 2013 by Angel Pricer

independent  holiday spiritA good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” – Nelson Mandela

When this quote came up on the slide presentation at the Ideas that Matter training I attended yesterday I felt it set the perfect tone for my last blog post of 2013.

Time tends to speed up during the holidays, with everyone hustling about, asking “so, are you ready for Christmas yet?”  Sometimes there’s a twinkle in their eye, other times a look of exhaustion or desperation.

We all experience the holidays differently and, for me, this time of year has always been an invitation to slow down and honor my independent holiday spirit.  It’s kind of surreal, like watching a movie on fast forward from the comfort and safety of the surroundings I’ve created.

It’s not festive in my house around the holidays.  Right now, it’s calm as I sit companionably across the table from my husband, he with his kindle and coffee and me with my PC and tea.  My daughter and her friend just emerged from a snowy trip where he finally found and purchased his first car.  My youngest son is chasing them both with the delight that always emanates from him when his sister is around.  My oldest son is poised for some pretty intense sledding before I pick him up for a two week holiday break this Thursday.  Life is good.

When things speed up during the holidays, I slow down.  Being mindful of my own pace creates the opportunity for me to give and receive the gift of presence, opening the door to broader perspectives on all the holiday hub-bub.  And boy, has there been a lot to perceive so far!

I will see you again in 2014, where the formidable combination of this good head and good heart will forge new pathways as an ambassador of Love in Education.

May you each receive the gift of love and presence this holiday season.

“I like friends who have independent minds because they tend to make you see problems from all angles.” ~ Nelson Mandela

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3 thoughts on “Independent Holiday Spirit

  1. You are most certainly an Angel. I have been trying to explain this slowing down around the holidays to people and have been struggling trying to communicate that what I love about this time of year is exactly that. The slowing down. You have nailed it for me. I love this “like watching a movie on fast forward from the comfort and safety of the surroundings I’ve created”. Ah yes. Big sigh. I have just stocked up on paper, pens and sparklies, I have my pj’s all ready and that’s gonna be my peace and joy this holiday season. Thank you. 🙂 x

    • Angel Pricer says:

      Delighted those words brought you some joy! That sounds like a great recipe for holiday happiness. You’ve really inspired me to find some sparklies of my own for mandala-ing.

      My 7 year old and I made some yesterday and when I told him you would like to see his creation he agreed to let me take a picture but said I could only share it with you…no Facebook or Instagram. Unfortunately it won’t upload in a comment. If you’d like to see it you can send me a message at and I will respond with the photo 🙂

      Bright holiday blessings!

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