Beloved Son


June 28, 2013 by Angel Pricer

beaming LiamThe poem below was written a few weeks ago on the east-facing deck during my morning musing time. When I came back into the house, the youngest of my crew was grudgingly finishing the final bites of his oatmeal. I asked if he’d like to listen to the poem I just wrote, a distraction to which he readily agreed. When it was over I asked him what he thought it was about.  Beaming that beloved toothless grin he replied, “ME!”

He was right, though I didn’t know that when the words flowed out in the presence of the rising sun just moments before. Out on the deck, I was transported by the intensity of love and adoration I felt for the life giving presence of the sun. There at the dining room table, I was in awe of the love emanating from the life I helped to create. The imaginary lines between this and that, us and them, ceased to exist in that moment as the interconnectedness of all life shone its bright rays upon our home.

Beloved Sun

Behold you with my eyes
and I
see only what is real
Beloved sun, eternal One
you teach me how to feel

Bask in your warm glow
and I
forget all that I know
Beloved sun, eternal One
you show me how to grow

Exposed to you alone
and I
hear life’s sweet beckoning tone
Beloved sun, eternal One
you define all that I own

Beloved Son, to watch you rise
is life’s eternal, endless prize

© Angel Pricer 2013

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