A Web of Experience

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June 27, 2013 by Angel Pricer

web between branches

About a week ago I made the commitment to blog on a daily basis in an effort to practice my craft and forge new friendships in the blogging community.  Every post since has virtually produced itself, needing only my time, attention and willingness to learn a thing or two.  Today’s post is different.

Many intricate spider webs greeted me this morning as I ventured out on the wet deck to make a dry place for myself.  I’ve always loved the way dew sparkles, suspended from all those thin yet remarkably strong flexible threads.  This is where I started to get into a bit of trouble.

My goal with daily posts is to keep it brief and make it real-life relatable.  Today, my mind fluttered in as many directions as there are threads of silk in the above photo.  Spiders and their webs are rich in symbolism.  How was I going to keep it brief, relatable AND  published in my narrow window of opportunity?

My youngest was digging for Pirate Treasure at the library while I wove a web of endless thoughts about those crystalline structures, attempting to recreate the feelings they evoked within me.  I lowered my pen for a moment and the woman to my left asked what I was writing.  I usually cringe here, but instead I mustered “I’m writing about the spider web I saw this morning, spun between two branches on a tree, and how it reminds me that we’re always weaving our way from one experience to the next.”  She seemed to understand.  I think I made a new friend today.

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