OK With That

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June 23, 2013 by Angel Pricer

IMG_2961I can’t see the ice pick that’s piercing the back of my head, it’s sharp point terminating in the exact center of my brain, but I sure can feel it.  The accompanying radiance of pain is a potent reminder of the inexplicable things that have been happening to me for, oh…I don’t know…my whole life.

A quick search on the internet reveals I Am Not Alone.  And there are as many opinions on cause and treatment as there are people with fingers and a keyboard.   Is it funky super full moon lunacy?  Maybe.  A fatal physical flaw?  Probably not.  One thing is certain.  The answer isn’t ‘out there.’

Yeah, I looked, I’m still human after all.  But seeing all those conflicting ideas made my head hurt.  Worse.  I’d rather watch the sun make it’s way from one side of my house to the other, sip some coffee with a good book and great man, welcoming the eventual night fall, moon rise and yet another ending that gives way to a new beginning.

Besides, I’ve come to appreciate the weird visions that accompany my weird physical symptoms.  They feed my creative endeavors.  I’m OK with that.

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