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May 29, 2013 by Angel Pricer

open book

Yesterday was the final class at the Natalie D. Craumer Writer’s Workshop at the Cleve J. Fredricksen Library in Camp Hill.  I will miss the group, the inspiration that flowed around the table and mostly, the opportunity to overcome my fear of sharing what I’ve written.  My first piece, total fiction formed from 7 random words provided by the instructor, was shared with a trembling stomach and watering mouth.  When I was done, however, the looks on the faces of my fellow students let me know I’d reached them on an emotional level.  If I want my writing to do anything, for anyone, it’s that.

Ann Stewart, our gracious host, teacher, mentor and author, encouraged us all to submit our work.  Even though I have a blog and have put my writing out there, it’s always felt sort of obscure, as I don’t have a flock of followers.  The truth is, that feels more safe.  The thought of submitting a piece of my writing somewhere….anywhere…is ‘scary,’ I told her.  “The worst they can do is say no,” she said.  “The worst they can do is say yes,” I replied without thinking.  Then it hit me.  What if people actually enjoy what I’ve written, what if my writing does leap into the pool of their unconscious minds like a beam of sunlight on a rainy day?  They might want more.

Well, fears are often unfounded, and I’ve decided to let that one go for the moment and start using my blog to share some of the pieces I’ve strung together as a result of the class.

Thank you Ann Stewart, Natalie D. Craumer, Fredricksen Library, and the people who shared the room and their hearts for the last 7 weeks.

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