Hello Paleo!


April 26, 2013 by Angel Pricer


“Is that Organic Ground Beef Grass-fed?” I had no idea this one little question from the checkout clerk at Costco would lead me on such an exciting adventure! I confessed I didn’t know, but told her about a local meat CSA, North Mountain Pastures, that does have grass fed products. This Kirkland three pack, I explained, was to be one of my final purchases of commercial meat to tide us over until our first delivery.

She and her daughter recently joined a “Paleo Challenge,” which recommends grass-fed meats. Sure, I’d heard of Paleo, like I’d heard of The Mediterranean Diet, Going Vegan, Being a Vegetarian, all the woes of eating meat, the Gluten Free Brigade and other such movements, many of which I’ve tried and found to be less than optimal for me AND my family.

Thing is, right before the clerk asked her question, I had been asking one of my own: How can I nourish the my family in a way that makes us all feel healthy and whole? I preferred an answer that wouldn’t break the bank or create a whole lot of stress and extra work for me. While so far I can’t say that embracing Paleo has been less in terms of effort or money, I do boldly attest that since the switch some two weeks ago, I enjoy a lighter feeling body with more energy to put into creating healthy meals that make my family feel good. This has also translated into a steadily rising ability and desire to write words that will eventually turn a profit.

While I used to exclusively view coffee as the means to get more writing done, I was hesitant to relinquish it completely, even as it continued to lose its lustrous appeal. My belly became increasingly queasy after each cup and only days before my encounter with the Costco clerk I decided to forgo the cream and sugar and try it BLACK. This was a huge change for me. And now weeks later, I can confidently say I went black….and I haven’t gone back!

In a sense, it was as if I was being primed to give up all the old time favorites that were dragging me down to my achy knees. Bread, pasta, cereal, oatmeal…and after a few days I didn’t even want rice anymore. And you know what? I don’t miss ANY of it!

Today, I enjoyed my own adaptation of a combination of barkless chocolate with a fabulous ganache recipe that covered this no-joke dark chocolate cake I made for Connor’s pre-birthday play date. While I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed this  confection topped only with a thawed berry trio, Connor did agree to give it a shot and his friend finished his piece, innocently indicating he thinks it was meant to go with ice cream. Bite by bite, our family is easing into a Paleo lifestyle. And so far, I’m a big fan!

6 thoughts on “Hello Paleo!

  1. Tammy says:

    Coincidentally, I have just given up the cream also and I don’t miss it.

  2. Lu Hocker says:

    I believe you are on the right path and it will be interesting observing the subtle changes in body, mind and psyche.

    Have you considered preparing “meals to go?” I’ll be your first paying patron!

  3. I am going back to a Paleo way of eating. I did it last year for 3 months and I felt great. Grains, dairy and sugar just really make me ill. And I am sick of being ill! ha! I want to show up for myself as best I can and that includes what and how i eat. 🙂

    • Angel Pricer says:

      Me too, April…being I’ll is no fun! The more I tune into what my body really needs the less I find I’m able to stick to any way of eating for a considerable length of time. Going with what makes us feel great is the best plan around:).

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