My Own Trajectory


February 13, 2013 by Angel Pricer

Following Trajectory

There’s more to being a writer than writing, though a commitment to creating content first is key.

There are so many other things to consider, like what photo will best complement your content, what is the best platform to share your topic, how do you engage (or even define) your audience, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Still, you’ve got to start somewhere, and commitment to a decision is the key to your success.

Getting down to the bare bones of the matter, writing isn’t really all that different from life.  Perhaps that’s why I chose Writing Real Life as the launch pad for my writing career.

In life, as in writing, there are many other things that are demanding of your attention.  Some important aspects requiring your time, others mere distractions along the way.  Deciding what’s what can be a challenge in and of itself and a lack of discernment leaves many with little energy to focus upon the tasks at hand.

COMMITMENT continues to be a thematic buzz word for me this year, as is RELATIONSHIP, both of which I plan to continue to explore within this blog and on an upcoming Blog-a-Book site.

As a reward for my efforts in creating content first, and upon bouncing ideas off my husband and partner-in-writing, I was gifted with a new header for my blog that I also plan to use on my Facebook author page.

It’s funny how:
a) I had to fully retreat from Facebook in order to gain clarity on how/if I wanted to engage with it
b) The effort I put forth in attaining my goals was redoubled by the love and support of my husband

I am grateful for the ancillary benefits born of parallel cooperation, which I could not have conceived would happen, yet did as a result of my ability to identify my trajectory and fuel its direction through my own effort.

I’ve been thinking a lot about trajectory lately.  And how sometimes, like cars on a highway, we can crash into another’s trajectory, thus creating a different sort of impact.  Having experienced both, I vastly prefer the complimentary creations over the catastrophic collisions.

And yet, in pulling back from most of my non-familial human interactions over the winter months, I have developed a deeper insight into the ways in which I was (lovingly?) doing just that in many (all?) of my relationships.

Reviewing these repetitive key words, I made a new commitment to maintain my own trajectory and not mess about in that of those around me.  Predictably, providence moved in with an opportunity for me to put this single-minded focus to the test via the vehicle of a relationship.

I have a friend who, like me, often winters within the womb of her home, unseen by most throughout the cold months.  We had occasion to run parallel to one another and, after months of stripping bare my own walls and emerging with a new outlook, I noticed a familiar undercurrent of woe in my dear companion.

Here I was keenly aware of my trajectory…and hers…and how I used to intertwine the two during those seasons spent commiserating and dreaming, yet hopelessly bereft of any substantial change in our mutually unsatisfactory situations.

The thing is, it sucks to see people suffer.  Particularly those who fit into the friends and family category.

Perhaps as a result of the awareness that my commitment was being tested, I found myself blessedly detached from the suffering beneath the surface and better equipped to simply be, listen and love.

WOW!  It’s always a wake up call to be reminded just how much of my energy was spent on trying to fix and refocus the trajectory of another, and how liberating it is to be able to see, hear, and feel another without getting myself all wrapped up in their story.

Of course, it’s easy to tout detachment in relationships, yet without the commitment and effort to stay the course…well…it’s easy to get off course and lost.  The non-committed-to-my-own-trajectory me would likely have offered tea, hugs and lots of sympathy for the issues at hand.  And I would not have gotten any writing done today.

So, part of my sharing this small segment of my real life is to help keep me focused on my own trajectory.  I’d like to say it’s to help you do the same, so if my story inspires a re evaluation of your own trajectory, please feel free to give me a shout and let me know.

ARTIST CREDITExpressway Lights photo courtesy of The Pug Father

4 thoughts on “My Own Trajectory

  1. northernmalewhite says:

    “There’s more to being a writer than writing”

    really, there isnt.
    its all distractions and nothing but.
    if youre worrying about those other things then you must have finished the writing, right?

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