Waffling Between Wor(l)ds

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January 9, 2013 by Angel Pricer


Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve found myself a-waffling between two equally appealing options, finding it difficult to choose between the two.

The more I read, learn and grow, the more exciting and expansive life becomes. No surprise then that just as I had gotten OK with the idea of forgoing non-fiction for a while, I stumbled upon Susan Shapiro’s Make Me Worry You’re Not OK piece in The Opinion Pages of New York Times. “This is great…and true,” I’m thinking as I nod my head in agreement the whole way through the read. BUT, I’ve decided to give this fictional character that keeps permeating the membranes of my psyche a chance at life on the page. Now WHAT?!

It took a minute for me to realize the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact they are as intricately entwined as are the invisible roots to the leafless willow I put in the ground last spring; lifeless-looking for now, but possessing a powerful potential that waits for the ideal growing conditions to spring into a new expression of life.

The thing is, that fictional character *IS* me. She represents some of the deepest roots of my being that have danced with the light of day, yet never quite made her full appearance. Giving myself the permission to both listen to her (my) voice and follow her (my) lead while continuing to do the non-fiction digging work can only make what finally gets put out there for others to read that much more compelling and real (I hope!).

Astara, the heroine of the series, is an Empath. She has nearly drowned several times in the stormy seas of her own internal waters, reaching depths few on this Earth have dared to tread…and live to tell a coherent tale, that is. With introspection and reflection, her real-life relatable adventures aim to engage and awaken the sleeping empathic nature within the reader, in raw, naked and unashamed storytelling fashion.

How close are Astara and Angel? Well, I suppose time will tell. In the meantime, I count my Angel-self grateful for having decided in which world my words would be written. I choose…BOTH!

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