30 Days Without…Facebook!


November 24, 2012 by Angel Pricer

facebook fast working version shadowed cover photo

WHAT? Can a writer even survive without this 24/7 multidimensional playground? What will happen to me without all those cherished Cosmic updates during this most auspicious time in human evolution?

OK– so those are just two of many questions that are bouncing in my head as I come out of meditation and begin to recall the inspiration received while tuning into my own sacred channel.

I know people. Real people. People who used to be on Facebook and then deleted their account. Permanently. They are still alive, but just don’t connect in that way anymore. How. Is. That. Possible? (or MAYBE they created a new super-secret identity account and didn’t invite me to play…hmm…)

How can one possibly exist without the plethora of positivity plastered upon the virtual walls? And who will listen to the words of comfort and wisdom I have to offer? What will my value be if I’m not present on Facebook? Will anyone even know I exist beyond these walls? Will I be…FORGOTTEN?

Well, that may be a bit dramatic, considering I’ve been much less active in the last several months and still seem to enjoy a pretty amazing life. It’s not that I don’t Like Facebook, or value the opportunity to connect with friends and family, expanding my interests and social horizons. That’s all really great, which is why I’m not deleting my account.

PSSTTT…come here…let me tell you a secret… Here’s the thing. I’ve grown a bit weary of reading all the wonderful words of wisdom, yet seeing its apparent absence in “being.” Yeah, I know, a bold statement STEEPED in duality. THAT’S why I’ve decided to see what my life looks like sans all the flowery words and, instead, use that time to bask in my own garden and see what sprouts.

I’ve noticed something about myself. Not only have I been writing my own words, so similar to saints past and prophetically posted, but I’ve also been experiencing deeply the essence behind the words. So I can’t help but wonder…what is it that keeps me coming back and…is the coming back actually HOLDING me back (self imposed, of course!)

All questions and secret obsessions aside, I am game for this adventure and feel it to be a well timed inspiration. I plan to start my Facebook Fast tomorrow, 11/24/12 and will check back into the game on Christmas Day (maybe).

Seeing how there has been this burgeoning urge for me to get up close and personal on the real meaning of Christ Mass for ME, I can’t help but wonder if the vision I had to create a Holiday Gift Booklet has something to do with this whole experiment, and the fast is all part of a greater process I’ve yet to fully appreciate. We shall see.

In the meantime, I plan to be blogging a little (which will be shared on my Facebook feed automatically), and writing a LOT. So, if you want to stay connected, you are cordially invited to follow me at Writing Real Life.

Thanks for indulging my divulging!

4 thoughts on “30 Days Without…Facebook!

  1. Tracie Louise says:

    I walked away from Facebook for several months. But am totally sucked back in now.

  2. Angel Pricer says:

    ha ha! Facebook sure can seem like the inexorable black hole at times :).

    I do really appreciate it for a number of reasons, though am finding in its absence that there are even more ways to connect with others and expand my horizons. It’s as if I’ve left my old neighborhood and am discovering surrounding areas I never knew existed (or just didn’t have the time to travel to ;-0))

  3. lantanagurl says:

    I also went without facebook for 6 weeks. No one died. I did miss the pics of my grandkids & stories of the ppl closest to my heart that I do not see physically. Once I returned to fb I decided to keep it at a minimum. No more constantly reading posts. Once a day is fine and sometime I go 2 or 3 days.

    For a business, however, that is a completely different story. If you want your business to be seen & to grow, then you are stuck in fb-land because that is where the majority of people are. One must keep in mind,, however, that it is RELATIONSHIP that make people want your product of service. Naturally, as women, we are well suited for that 🙂

    I love your writing and I thank you so much for reading my posts. Very very special to me. ❤
    Jeanne aka lantanagurl, the adventures of thrive farm, exploration of the sacred & conscious, including sexuality, and more!

    • Angel Pricer says:

      Thank you Jeanne 🙂 I find the Thrive Farm concept really intriguing! I know there are a few folks around here who have similar dreams/endeavors/ventures in various stages. It’s refreshing to know we don’t have to do it all ourselves (as women, that’s a big lesson for us to embody). I’m glad we’ve connected!

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