1. Guiding the Transformation of Wounded Energies in Children by Susan A. Haid, author, Lily’s Truth


    November 4, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    Featured Image -- 558

    Originally posted on Parenting Sessions:
    Convention would say that a playground is a place of games, a place of delightful little…

  2. Mindful Mom


    May 23, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    mind full or mindful 2

    Compared to the neighbors on both sides, my lawn is a jungle of towering tufts of potential dandelions.  It will …
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  3. Sing Your Own Song

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    May 21, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    Image created by Lexy

    “Music is, to me, proof of the existence of God. It is so extraordinarily full of magic, and in tough …
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  4. Creating a Culture of Dependence


    May 19, 2014 by Angel Pricer


    “She’s lazy.” “He’s Selfish.” “She’s only doing that for attention.” These are words coworkers have used to describe the individuals …
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  5. A Regular Kid

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    May 14, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    connor birthday

    “Why can’t I just be home during the summer like a ‘regular kid’?” Connor asks on the last day of …
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  6. Catalytic Connor


    April 11, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    Image Discovered Here

    “Mommy, my science needs just aren’t being met,” he states from the seat behind me as we make our way …
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  7. Coming Up Short


    April 2, 2014 by Angel Pricer

    Today I was “that lady.”  The one nobody wants to get stuck behind in the lengthy, single line out of …
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